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NEXTER MECHANICS has been appointed under a multi-year contract to design, qualify and manufacture the rudder hydraulic control systems of these advanced submarines.Its specialist skills in hydraulic systems for highly-specified, safety-critical applications have, on this occasion, been recognized by Europe’s leading naval defense system provider.One of the key factors contributing to this success was the technical sales negotiation process, which enabled the customer’s technical specifications to be refined to meet precisely the requirements set.



PRI-Nadcap has just awarded Nadcap accreditation to Nexter Mechanics for its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) processes.

This award marks the culmination of a year of work on these testing procedures, which are applied principally to aerospace and weapons projects.

Nadcap standards were developed by a consortium of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers to introduce effective controls for special processes (non-destructive testing, heat treatment, surface treatment, welding operations, etc.). These process-focused accreditations are today seen as some of the most difficult to obtain in terms both of meeting the requirements imposed and the stringency of the audit procedure.

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 Nexter Mechanics wins a major engineering contract

Nexter Mechanics has just been awarded a major contract for the development and supply of a series of experimental systems for use in test centers as part of a very large project.

Nexter Mechanics will manage the project and design the mechanical components, as well as providing final installation and qualification services.
Two other Group entities will also contribute their input:

- NBC-Sys for fluid handling and sub-assembly design
- Nexter Systems in Roanne for welded component supply

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Nexter Mechanics développe son activité MCO aéronautique



Nexter Mechanics remporte un marché de réparation d'équipements hydrauliques et électro-mécaniques destinés au C160 Transall des forces françaises.

Nexter Mechanics assurera la remise en état de 11 références d'équipements pendant une durée de 4 ans. 




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Visite du député de la Corrèze M. Jerretie

Vendredi 20 avril 2018, M. Jerretie, Député de la Corrèze, a visité le site de Nexter Mechanics.  Après une présentatio...