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An environmental commitment

The long-term future of our Group relies on the responsible approach that underpins our quality and environment management system.

Responding effectively to the needs of our customers whilst taking full account of our responsibility to the environment is an unequivocal Nexter commitment. This structural practice forms part of a dynamic management policy that unifies all our people around the key values of sustainable development.

Group policy in this area addresses three central issues:

·    compliance with the requirements of current environmental legislation and regulation
·    continual improvement of the environmental performances achieved by Group entities and locations, especially in terms of waste management, the prevention of air and soil pollution, and controlling consumption of water and energy
·    involving our own employees and those of our subcontractors in this commitment to the environment

This policy is driven by a permanent process of adaptation which regularly results in the introduction of new projects, the latest of which focus on eco-design and addressing the needs posed by dismantling equipment manufactured by the Group.


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