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Two greenhouse gas emissions reports have been established for the Nexter Group—one by Nexter Systems and the other by Nexter Munitions—based on data collected for the year 2011. The reports, which were drawn up in compliance with Article 75 of French Law no. 2010-788 of July 12, 2012, both made use of the patented “carbon assessment” method.

The emissions are broken down into two separate categories: “direct” and “indirect” emissions. Direct emissions cover all fixed or mobile sources owned by the company (boilers, vehicles, leaked emissions from cooling systems, etc.). Indirect emissions only concern the electrical power consumed by the company; the corresponding amount of greenhouse emissions produced by the power plant to generate the consumed electricity are then calculated for the report.


To see the greenhouse gas emissions report (in French) for Nexter Systems, click here

To see the greenhouse gas emissions report (in French) for Nexter Munitions, click here

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