To cope with the increasing threat posed by improved IED, mines and more powerful kinetic projectiles, Nexter Systems has developed AVRAVIS®, its multipurpose highly protected vehicle. SAFEPRO® (an armour protection developed by Nexter Systems) is the core solution for the new family ARAVIS® multipurpose heavily protected vehicles to defeat combined effects (blast and fragments of attacks) generated both by the most letam IED, mines and AP carbide HMG bullets. ARAVIS® family also offers the best proven mobilty  solution and the operational advantages of versaitlity by design.


  - Combat weight: 13 tons - Carrying capacity up to 7 troops - Ballistic, mine, artillery burst and IED protection exceeding STANAG 4569 level 4 - Armament: remote controlled station up to 20mm - Designed to be equipped with various BMS (SIR, Finders C2®, SIT-V1,…)

Status: In service in the French Army.