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You are seeking to join a high-tech company on a human scale, design products of the future, and progress in a demanding international environment: 3 reasons to choose Nexter. .

Nexter's Human Resources policy respects values and principles promotingdiversity, equal opportunities and the preservation of health and well-being in the workplace..


Guillaume photo 2Guillaume, 23 years old, Technical Purchasing Manager in the Vetronics Architecture Unit, Nexter Systems – Satory

What made you want to come and work for Nexter?

Nexter is a French company on a human scale that is at the cutting edge of innovative technologies. It is known for its expertise in the field of weapons and on-board systems.

Because of this, and thanks to some very positive feedback from former interns, I applied to Nexter Systems for my end-of-studies internship. My application was successful and the company assigned me to the planning and design of a test platform. At the end of my internship, which allowed me to experience the pleasant working atmosphere and the interest of the profession, I received an offer of employment in the Vetronics Architecture Unit at the Satory site. The career goals and physical conditions suited me perfectly, so naturally I accepted the position.

How do you feel now that you have been at Nexter for a few months? (position held, induction process, etc.)

Six months after being hired, I don’t regret my decision. There is a good working environment and, thanks to support from those more experienced, my technical skills in IT and project management are broadened on a daily basis. I have my own targets and responsibilities in the projects entrusted to me. Friendly discussions within work teams help me to progress and have helped me to fit in easily. There is a harmony between the young recruits and people with several years of experience, as with service providers.

In addition, my work within vetronics has given me a global vision of the operation of Nexter vehicles. I am regularly faced with interesting technological challenges.

In short, it has so far been a resounding success and a genuine pleasure to work for this leading company at the top of its game in on-board technologies!